About Me

Hello, my name is Klāvs Māris Miezis, and I come from Latvia. Latvia is a small, but beautiful country in northern Europe, bordering with Russia, Estonia, Lithuania and Belarus. It is located near the coast of The Baltic Sea.


My parents got married in 1990. They soon wondered, why my mum is still not pregnant and went to the doctor. Doctor said, that both of them have some problems in their reproductive systems and, most likely, they cannot have children. My mum very much wanted to have children, and as a recently born again christian, prayed for it. Around november, 1992, she got baptised in water, and in the evening, reading the Bible, got a word from God – in Genesis 18:10 – that next year around this time Sarah will have a child. She understood, that this promise was for her. In 1993, november 4, I was born. At the hospital, doctor asked, do you want to return here? Mum said, yes. After 2 years, doctor replied. A sister in church also said – after 2 years, so my mum understood, that it will be so. In November 4, 1995, my brother, Toms, was born, exactly 2 years after me. Now only one thing was left – my mum wanted a daughter very much. She prayed to God about it, and thought it would happen again after 2 years, but was pleasantly surprised, that it happened earlier – after a year and 4 months, in 6. march, 1997, my sister, Dārta, was born.

I would say, that I had a happy childhood. We had good relationships, me and my siblings and also my parents. We had neighbourhood children – kids we could play with. For some reasons, I didn`t go to kindergarden, but to a preparation classes for school. Only bad times was, when my father came home drunk. Sadly, it happened quite often, but I`ll talk about it later. Then the time in the school started.


I started school in year 2000. It was a good time, I enjoyed being there, I had good success in the studies, I was one of the best in the class. In 3rd and 4th grade it became much harder, because my classmates started to laugh at me. Probably, because of my good studies and the fact, that I came form a christian family. In the 4th grade I was beaten hard enough to include police. We decided to change school after 4th grade. I was playing basketball, became a latvian champion in my agegroup. In the new school I was laughed at also, but it was less, and, with time it ceased. Part of the reasons, why, might be, that I tried to be included in their cliques. I tried smoking for half a year, but when my mum discovered it, I decided, that it`s not worth it, and dropped it. I tried drinking alcohol, but also soon understood, that it`s no good, besides, seeing my dad`s fate wasn`t encouraging me to continue drinking. Around that time I also didn`t want to go to church anymore. I had some time, that I went there only because my mum made me to. But God continued working with my heart, and through some big events, conferences, summer camps, I was returned being in relationships with God. In 2012, I finished my highschool with good grades in exams and I had to decide, where to go next. I could have gone almost everywhere. I like and am good at maths, chemistry, physics, geography, languages, sports, music. It`s all too much. In our church`s summer camp, a year before, I received a calling to missions and a week later – to Argentina, so I decided, that I need to go to a Bible college, which I saw a yearbook from – to the Baltic School of Ministry, where some of you met me last year.

Baltic School of Ministry

It was a special year. Being together 22 students, learning the word of God. Being instructed in different parts of ministry, trying different parts of ministry, like worship leading, translating, also cleaning and usher duties.

It was a challenging year. First year away from my family, first year, when I had to manage my finances, first year to depend on God with finances.

It was an interesting year. Checking out 8 or nine different churches in Latvia, and understanding, that mine is the best for me.

I finished the year as second best in the school by the marks in the tests, and even before that already signed up for Mariager Hojskole, which I will talk about a bit later.


As I already mentioned, I had a brother and sister, dad and mum. My brother is studying some IT stuff in university, while my sister is learning to be a cook on a ship. My mum is an accountant, my dad was a builder. Five years ago my parents got divorced, but it wasn`t a big stroke for me. We knew it was coming for a long time already. My parents argued constantly, especially, when my father was drunk. He had serious problems in that sense, especially in the last few years of their life together. But they still kept together, so we, the children, could grow up in a full family. My father, on the other hand, didn`t like, that we`re going to church. He remembered the pastor from the times, that he was a drunkard, and couldn`t understand, that God can change this. Even though, in the beginning he went to the church too, was baptized, was a member. Unfortunately, he died earlier this year.

My Faith and My Church

I come from a Christian family, have been basically raised in church. I haven`t had doubts about God`s existence, though, there has been a question about church`s worth in being in my life. When I was 6 to 7 years old, I went in front of church – to get saved, got baptised in Holy Spirit first and later in water. Soon after that, partly, because of the influence of my schoolmates, I didn`t want to go to church anymore. In sunday mornings I suddenly “felt sick”. But God worked on my heart and through my mum, through sunday-school, where my mum made me to go anyway, kept me in the church. Then came some youth conferences, our summer camps, that let me experience the touch of God, and I didn`t want to do without it. So I started to go to church on my own will, and not only on sunday services, but also on wednesday services, friday prayer meetings, saturday youth meetings. I became an active member of church, took part in all activities, that happened. Then came a chance to go to BSM, I did that. And, though I knew a lot before the school, I received even more during that year.

I come from a  non-denominational church, called “Dzīvības avots”, or Spring of Life. My mum has been involved there since almost its beginning, serving there in various roles, including as a translator from Russian to Latvian. My church is being involved in different things, like evangelism, teaching. It is working together with other churches in the area for some bigger events. Churches vision is Bible school and missions, and it is starting to move in those directions. I love my church.

Adventure in Denmark.

After finishing the Baltic School of Ministry I decided to go to Denmark, to the Danish Pentecostal Bible College, where I continued my studies, first in Christian Leadership, then in theology. I had wonderful time there, meeting a lot of wonderful people from different cultures, countries and even continents. I had a practicum in Odense Baptistkirken in my first year and Rudkøbing Pinsekirke in my second year. I had a chance to learn and develop myself in music and worship, in elective called SWM. We went on different trips across Denmark, as well as Estonia, Latvia and Italy which I hugely enjoyed. I developed my independence and at the same time dependance on people and God. I spent almost full two wonderful years in Denmark, where God really provided me with finances, worked on my life and challenged me in many ways. I learnt Danish to a level that I could easily understand conversations and even involve in them. However, after these two years had gone, it was time for a new chapter in my life.

Back in Latvia.

So I returned in Latvia, and after spending the most of the summer Ibesides some summer camps) with my family and home-church, I moved back to Ozolnieki and started working back in Baltic School of Ministry as a Students Coordinator. This is what I am doing currently. Again, God is challenging me with trust in him with finances, with new possibilities to serve and be there for his children that want to get closer to him.

As you might imagine, this story is continuing, so I will update this once in a while.

Last update: 23 September, 2015.


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