I am a songwriter?

I have always marveled at those who are able to write songs, because I always thought that it is a special skill that rarely who is able to do. While in Denmark, however, I managed to write and record two songs in a professional studio. They are available on SoundCloud, so I just wanted to share with and about them here.

First song is Zion. I wrote it together with my good friend Tobias Jacobsen. It started out as a homework task for songwriting lessions, where we were tasked to write something from Psalm 51 in a minor key. What we came up with wasn`t that bad, so we kept working on it, until it was fully done. The whole group at the School of Worship and Music (SWM) in Mariager Hojskole (Danish Pentecostal Bible College) arranged it and we recorded it in the BeatTheMic Studio nearby. The song speaks about longing to be in the holy place, Zion, where God is, where He cleanses us and gives us strenght to tell others about it and about the longing towards his second coming.

As I spent in that school two years, the second time around came a similar task, this time just writing a song, and not basing it on any particular piece of Scripture. So came My Refuge. As I sat down to play around and see if anything comes out of it, I felt very strongly that God has always been there for me, that I can give thanks to Him for so many things and this song came as a response to that. If Zion came as a song a bit in the direction of rock music, then My Refuge is slightly more folksy, which I really enjoyed working on, because it is so much fun.

Apparently, songwriting is not that difficult, and it is just a matter of putting your heart and mind behind it. So, if you think that it isn`t something that you can do, think again, because I have been there. Just be bold, try it out and see, where it goes. Who knows, maybe we have got a next Ed Sheeran or Michael Jackson on our hands.

God bless,



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