Can You help me?


My name is Klāvs Māris Miezis, and I come from Ventspils, Latvia. Next year I am planning to study in Danish Pentecostal Bible College (DPBC), where I am going for BA in Biblical Studies, working together with Harvest Bible College in Australia. Having already spent a year in DPBC, I can tell, that this is a great place, with good teachers, Biblical teaching and good opportunities to practise what is being teached. To continue these studies, I need 5095 EUR (37991 DKK). And You can help me, by sending from just a little bit, to a lot to my bank account, which You can find below. Would it be a monthly payment or just once – that is up to You! For example, you can also pay off only one course from my BA studies – 320 AUD, or 220 EUR (1644 DKK). All together, we can make it happen!


You can send money on this bank account:



Personal code: 041193-11630


Or on PayPal – E-mail:


Thank You for Your investment in my personal growth and also in the Kingdom of God! May God bless You!


More info about the schools in their homepages:


Harvest –


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