Keeping ya updated.

It`s already march, and it`s been a while, since I`ve written something here, so I decided – it`s time. What has happened in this time? A lot of interesting stuff, I can say! 

It`s 1.5 months gone and there is plenty, that has been going on! As half of the school was on mission trips, the atmosphere in the school was even cozier that usually, as we were only around 60 instead of 80 students, and also some of the teachers were away. We had lovely three weeks of teaching, especially in the Leadership class, as half of the class was on the mission trips. As these weeks passed, we had a weekend, when we talked about Rome, because we are going there very soon, and that was one of the best weekends so far in school. We had loads of fun, listening to the history of Rome, then preparing and presenting presentations about different things in city. Me, together with some other guys, presented about Derby della Capitale – the derby between AS Roma and Lazio, and both clubs. And as a pure coincidence, later that day this game was between them. Unfortunately, it was a boring, very defencive game, that unsurprisingly finished 0:0. After this weekend, all school went and bowled, which was my first time doing that, and it went quite good 🙂

When we finished bowling, we had 6 and a half free days, which I spent with my schoolmate Tobias in a beautiful little city, called Vejle. We had a good time geocaching, watching movies, playing FIFA14, spending time with Tobias`s friends and enjoying beautiful parts of the city. That was a very nice time together, but after this week, I was eager to return back to school, because in front of us was the second part of teaching about Expository Preaching, and each of us had a chance to preach about a piece of Scripture for 15 minutes, to the classroom. That was a wonderful experience, and showed me personally, that preaching is no rocket science and is fairly easy.

After some weeks, we had to go to Odense again, where we have ministry practicum, and it was a very nice time, as usually, but the way back to school was very long. The car we (actually, me) were driving broke down, and some of the passengers were hitchhiking back to school (some of them really enjoyed a track, that they had a chance to drive in), as I waited for them to come for me, and pick me and the car up. Happily, everyone was well, and we got back safely.

After a week, we had teaching about Postmodern Apologetics, where we went quite deep into philosophy, and my brain certainly enjoyed this little excercise in thinking. I thoroughly enjoyed that week. That actually happened this week. This weekend we had leadership conference in Mariager, where also the Leadership Stream had a chance to take part. The main speaker was Neil Cole, and he was speaking about Organic Church. His message was very challenging, very different from what I`m used to, and it was a very biblical view on this topic. It was also a good opportunity to get to know some of the leaders of pentecostal movement in Denmark. At the end of the conference some people were congratulated, as they graduated their bachelor and master studies, and now I`m in Odense again, in my ministry practicum.

Also, during this time, we have been preparing for CD recording in SWM (School of Worship and Music), and choosing and arranging songs. Look forward to that, I tell you! It will be good!

That is pretty much it, what has happened since my previous post here. I hope you, my readers, have had a great and blessed month and pray, that until next time, it`s even better. In the end of april we will have a big conference in Copenhagen with Randy Clark (one of the main persons behind Toronto Blessing) and SWM has an opportunity to lead worship there. That is also something to look forward to!

So, until next time, then!


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