A bit of review on december

Well, after the missions trip, almost a month has passed by. This has been an interesting month. As we returned to studies in the school, the subjects have been very different – from easy subjects like Different Personalities to deep theological issues like End Times and Arminianism vs. Calvinism vs. Molinism. Weeks have just run by, and now we are all ready for Christmas celebration. This year will be different for me, because I`m not going home to Latvia for Christmas. That means, that I will enjoy (hopefully 😀 ) danish Christmas traditions together with some friends, that I`ve got here in the school. It will of course be the first Christmas and New Year`s eve outside of Latvia, far from my family. But I think, it will be special! The school has been turned almost upside down, to get us all ready for the birthday of Jesus feast, and I think, the whole school is awaiting this to be a very special time on thursday, when we will have the party. 

I still don`t know about the missions trip to Zambia, as I still don`t have the money for it. (If you think, that I should be there and want to support me, then have a look up in this page and click on Support Me, to see, how it`s possible 🙂 ). 

It`s hard to believe, that 4 months have runned past so quickly, but, I guess, that`s what the time does – it flies away and doesn`t come back (as in a latvian song about youth). I signed up to stay also for the next study year, with a goal to go for a bachelor degree in theology, as Mariager Hojskole is working together with Harvest Bible College in Melnburn, Australia. So I`m expecting to have one more year in this welcoming atmosphere, to have a one more year in God`s presence, though you can`t really run away from it – Ps. 139 – but here it is being specially felt.

I guess, that`s it for this day, so Priecīgus Ziemassvētkus un Laimīgu Jauno Gadu for you all (check Google Translate from latvian to your language, to understand that, if you want! :D)

Thank you for reading my blog again and God bless you and see you next time! 🙂


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