Trip to Latvia and Estonia.


Yesterday, I came back from Latvia and Estonia mission trip. That was a great week, and this will tell you, why!

After a sleepless night, we took some breakfast and left the school to Billund International Airport at 2:45 in the night. We got there, checked in and were ready to fly in 6:05. That was my first flight of my life, so I was very excited for that. It all went very well, except for landing, when I thought, that my ears will just blow off. They didn`t. We landed in Riga, Latvia, and I got to talk with my mum for some 20 minutes, after 3 months of not hearing her, just skyping. Then, after an hour in Riga, we flew further to Tallinn, Estonia. Ears still hurted, but less. Someone of our team said, afterwards, that you need to keep mouth open, while landing, then you`ll be ok. We landed in Tallinn, and the first day was a bit more free. We visited the main church of Estonian Pentecostal Movement, got to know the leaders of the movement, they got to know us. Then we just spent half of the day walking around and enjoying the beautiful city of Tallinn. After a meal in one of the restaurants of Tallinn, we separated in two teams, to go in two different directions. One of the teams went to the South Estonia, a city called Viljandi, the other team, me included, went to a nearer town, called Paldiski. We went there, found our place to sleep, and slept.

Next day we helped the local church. After a wonderful devotional time we went out in streets, to invite young people to the youth meeting, that was going to happen in that evening and others simply to the church, that has around 20 members right now. In the evening we held the youth meeting, some 20 people came. We had some worship, some word preached and a good time of fellowship. After that, we ate and went to sleep. 

On the third day of our trip, we went to the rehab center “Village of Hope”. And we saw the mighty work of God in this place. We heard the stories of miracles after miracles to start and continue this place, that has helped so many now. We had a good time together with those, that are there now, sharing testimonies, worshipping the Lord and also helping practically. After this wonderful experience we returned in our hotel and we had a free evening of rest. On sunday we were a part of two services, one in the Village of Hope, other – in Paldiski church. Both of the teams now were together again and continued together. After that we went to Latvia. We spent 4 hours on the road, got stopped by the Police for driving on the opposite way, going out of gas station. We didn`t get any fine, so we could continue our way. They dropped me in Riga and went further to the Baltic School of Ministry, were they slept. I continued my way to Ventspils, going home. I got there at 2 at night, but all of my family was still awake, waiting for me. We had a good talk, a bit of food, and then a good night sleep. In the morning I spent some more time with my family, later had a good talk with my pastor, and then we visited my grandparents, spending some cosy time together. After that, I went to Kuldīga, where my classmate, Lelde, picked me up and we went back to BSM. I met some good friends there, that I hadn`t met for some long time, also met some new faces, that I didn`t know before. We had a nice evening and a sleep.

Next morning, after devotional time and breakfast, we went to Sigulda, both the team from Mariager Hojskole, and all the BSM. We had a good time there, learning to speak about God boldly and practising that. Altogether some 30 people got saved that day. We went back to the school, and rested again, to be ready for the last day on the trip. 

Next morning we got to know, who`s going to orphanage, and who`s staying to paint the stairs in the school. I was going to the orphanage. We prepared some children songs, games, a drama, and I prepared also the word of God for some 5 minutes. We had a devotional time in the school – worship and word from our leader and teacher, Simon and after lunch off we went to Riga, to this orphanage. When we arrived, I met one classmate of my time in BSM, she lead us through the building, we spent some time with the children there, and then had this programme shown, playing games, singing and sharing the Word of God with them. After this we went to Spice, had a meal in McDonalds and a bit of free time in this mall. Then we went to the airport, and when I stepped out of the car, I couldn`t find my backpack. It was lost. I figured out, that I could`ve left it in the orphanage, that was in the other side of Riga, which was an hour to drive forth and back. We had two hours until the takeoff. But the backpack was found in the car, and this really stressful moment was gone. We stepped in the plane, and landed back in Billund. The advice of holding mouth open worked out and we were safely back on a solid ground. We had a bus, that led us back to Mariager, though we were stopped by the Police once more, we didn`t get any fine again, and we were back in the school at 1:30 at night. 

I want to thank the Lord for this wonderful week, with so many wonderful people, our team of 18 people, BSM of 21 people and others included. I want to thank the team for this wonderful sense of being together, and God, that He allowed this to happen, allowed me to meet my family and friends. 

Now it`s time for returning to normal life. I have to write an assignment this weekend 🙂 I hope, you enjoyed reading this, and God bless you. I hope, that you had a wonderful week as well!


7 thoughts on “Trip to Latvia and Estonia.

  1. Jonass

    Beidz bojāt pasauli ar dievu. Izskaidro, kā pieaudzis cilvēks var ticēt pasakām, tādām pašām, kā mazi bērni? Iedomu draugs – dievs 😀

    1. Dievs nebojā pasauli, Dievs pasauli uzlabo. Padomā, kur būtu cilvēce bez kristietības?
      Pastāsti, kam tu tici? Es ticu, ka ir kāds augstāks spēks, un tas, ko saka kristietība, tas ko saka Bībele “makes sense” pietiekami, lai es tam ticētu. Daudz vairāk, nekā jebkas cits, ko esmu līdz šim dzirdējis 🙂

      1. Hmm, nebūtu arī morāles normu – tā radās no Bībeles, joprojām sievietes būtu vergu lomā, bez jebkādām tiesībām. Izglītība būtu daudz zemākā līmenī – kas dzina izglītību pagātnē? Teoloģija, tās dēļ cilvēki prata rakstīt/lasīt, tās dēļ filosofēja viduslaiku beigās/renesansē. Kā tev patīk tāda pasaule? 🙂

      2. Kāpēc man viņi jānogalina? Geji arī cilvēki. Bībele mūs māca mīlēt savu tuvāko, tai skaitā arī gejus. (Mīlestība nenozīmē seksuālas attiecības, tās nāk kā odziņa laulībās, bet gan atdot savu dzīvību par otru, kalpot otram.) Homoseksuālisms ir grēks, bet tu neesi tas, ko tu dari, ir kaut kas dziļāks, cilvēka būtība ir dziļāka. Es nevienu geju nepazīstu personīgi, bet es ceru, ka es spētu cilvēcīgi attiekties arī pret šādiem cilvēkiem, ja satiktu.

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