I`m going to tell ya` what`s happening in my life right now. All my thinking right now is about the next week, when I get to go to my home country – Latvia and even to my city and family. We`ll be going to Latvia and Estonia for a week, it`s going to be a great time. At first, we will be in Estonia, help there in churches in Tallin and Paldiski, and in Village of Hope. And we will also have some sightseeing – we will see the beautiful Tallinn, and the nature of Estonia and other things, that is going to bring much fun. But after that we will go to Latvia. I`m going to go home, meet with my family and frineds in my home city, and after that, spend some time in my Bible College – Baltic School of Ministry, and see the beautiful nature of Sigulda. Of course, I will meet any friends along the way, so it will be great to visit home.

Besides that, tomorrow I will lead worship in this place for the first time, that will also be a very special moment, as I believe, that it is a big part of my calling.

I think, that`s all for now. See you another time, and thank you for visiting my blog, and taking tme to read, what I`ve written, hope, you enjoy! God bless you! 🙂


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