One of many miracles in my life, or how did I get to Denmark



Last year I was studying in Baltic School of Ministry – that`s a pentecostal Bible college in Latvia, and some people from Mariager Hojskole came to that school on a missions trip for a week – students and teachers. I thought, it would be nice to be there. That was in november, last year. Then in february or march, another teacher from MH came to BSM. They all advertised this school, and I was caught. I signed up for the school, stepping a step of faith, because I had no idea, how it will work out, but I had peace in my heart, because I knew, my God is able! Besides, I got a word in the Bible, that was from 1. Kings 17:9 –


Arise, go to Zarephath, which belongs to Sidon, and dwell there. Behold, I have commanded a widow there to feed you.”


I got it as – arise, go to Mariager, which belongs to Denmark and dwell there… Came summer, I graduated from that Bible college, and I couldn`t find a work, so I helped in my church, took part in some camps, as a helper – with worship or as a group leader. But I didn`t have any money. I was looking for airplane tickets, talked with my pastor, but nothing showed up, and the tickets got more and more expensive. Came august. Until the start of the year was only two weeks left, and I thought of a bus from Latvia to Denmark. I looked at prices, and it was around 82 lats – around 120 EUR. I had around 5 lats. I talked to my pastor, he said, that`s a chance. And about 5 lats – that`s a good seed. So I planted it as an offering for church. Came sunday – exactly after 7 days, the school starts. I don`t have any money at all, but I still need tickets for getting to Denmark. But then one old lady came and gave 20 lats to me, then somebody else gave 5 lats. I thought, ok, something is starting to happen. Next day my mum came from work, and said – there was an old lady from our church, she came to me at work and gave me 15 lats. Then my mum added some money. I still didn`t have enough, but I had a good sum – something like 60 lats – I needed 82 + something more to get to the bus in Riga, and then from the bus to Mariager or Hobro (in Denmark), because someone could pick me up from there. On tuesdays we have a working day in church, if someone is free, he or she can join, because we are repairing the church building. We are also spending some time in fellowship, and prayer and Word. So I went there, as almost every tuesday, and we were praying about this thing, and also others, and then one guy gave me some money, another also, and the third one. Now I had 110 Lats, which was more than enough, plus I could buy a danish number and some other needed things. So came the day, I woke up early in the morning, went to Riga, then through Lithuania and Poland, in next morning I was in Berlin, changed buses and went unlit Arhus. There I stepped into a train, and went to Hobro. There I was picked up, and after 2 full days of travelling came to the school. And that is only one of the many adventures with God, that I have experienced. God is good and faithful and trustworthy!


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