One of my passions is mission, and in january/february I will have a chance to experience this for a month. 

As one of elective subjects I chose mission, and that includes a missionary trip to India or Zambia. I chose Zambia. The costs, asked from a student are 7500 DKK (~700 Ls, ~1000 EUR), as the rest is found through different supporters of the school. I have raised 4100 DKK (~380 Ls, ~550 EUR) , and I still need 3400 DKK (~320 Ls, ~450 EUR). 
We will evangelize in villages, doing outreach, work with children, having campaigns doing practical things and preaching and teaching. I expect to God`s work in these places we will visit, have a great time together with team, having a great fellowship, also to have an experience of an another culture. If you have on your heart to help me, then feel free to support me with any of these two ways: 
  • pray for me! That is the most important part of this trip! We, the team, are also doing it every time we come together to prepare. Be a part of this trip spiritually. Pray for unity and fellowship in the team, pray for God`s mighty works in there, pray for changed lives, both zambians and ours, pray for good weather, good trips, and that God would be in the center of it all!
  • You can also support me with finances, and be a part of this trip like this, and help us reaching these people, who need Jesus! 

    Name: Klāvs Māris Miezis

    Personal code: 041193-11630

    Bank account:  LV36HABA0551031171774 (Swedbank Latvia)


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